Wabasha County Historical Society

Request for Proposal

The Wabasha County Historical Society is seeking support from the State of Minnesota’s Cultural and Heritage fund. Monies from this grant request would be utilized for the design of a refurbished HVAC System at the Historic School in Reads Landing, the building which is used as the WCHS Museum. This specific request springs from a Conditions Assessment report developed in 2019.

The scope of work included in the Request for Proposal would include the following:

- Design Documents for the Minnesota Historical Society and Wabasha County Historical Society review.

- Construction Drawings.
- Bidding Assistance for Construction Firms. - Complete the required Scope of Work Form

Anyone wishing to submit a Request for Proposal for the design of the refurbished HVAC system at the Wabasha County Historical Society Museum in Reads Landing should contact David J. Danckwart at the following:

Phone: 651-343-7072 Email: