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Vintage Photos of Reads Landing

Read's Landing, a bustling 1800's village which had 27 hotels, 21 saloons, and 15 mercantile stores, was once considered as a potential site for Minnesota's state capitol. Instead, Pigs Eye, now Saint Paul, was selected.

Men sitting on the balcony of the American House, one of twenty-seven hotels located in Reads Landing during its heyday.


A photograph of the shore line of Reads Landing looking south.

Charles R. Read, the founder of Read's Landing. 

Water Street in Reads Landing. The building at Left is the present Reads Landing Brewing Company. The next building to the right is the American House, a prominent hotel in the 1800's.

Built in 1870 for $8,200, no expense was spared in the Italianate details of the three-layer, red brick walls of the fifty by fifty foot, two-story structure.

The Burkhardt Band of Reads Landing.

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